Hangzhou Kaiyuan Business Vocational School


Started in 1912



A century-old famous school, cradle of business talents

   Founded in 1912, Hangzhou Kaiyuan Business Vocational School was formerly known as Zhejiang Women's Vocational School. It was founded by Ms. Xie Xue who served as the principal. Famous educators Cai Yuanpei and Huang Yanpei served as the first school managers.

  The school is located in the commercial center of Hangzhou, covering an area of 90 acres and a building area of 50,800 square meters. The company has 209 faculty members and more than 2,400 full-time students. It has three campuses, namely Liushuiyuan, Shijiaqiao and Changde. It mainly provides e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, international business and commodity management in business majors. And five majors such as industrial and commercial administration.

  The school is a national key vocational school directly under the charge of Hangzhou Municipal Education Bureau, a leading school of Hangzhou Kaiyuan Business Vocational Education Group, a member of the China Business Federation, a vice president of China Business Professional Committee, and a vice president of the China Business Economics Association Vocational Education Branch. National E-Commerce Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee member school, Zhejiang Province middle-level economic and trade major group chairman school, Zhejiang Province's first batch of modern service industry business training base, Zhejiang curriculum reform base school, Zhejiang vocational education innovation and entrepreneurship Course teaching school, Hangzhou Vocational Education, Economics, Teaching and Research Group Leader School.
  The school won the National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee, the first batch of China's first population health promotion demonstration college, Zhejiang civilized unit, Zhejiang green school, Zhejiang health advanced unit, Zhejiang Province school governance model school, Zhejiang Health Promotion School, Zhejiang The province's " characteristic school in Thousand Schools cooperation", Zhejiang Provincial Campus Football School, Hangzhou Civilization School, Hangzhou People's Satisfaction School, Hangzhou Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Awards outstanding school and many other honorary titles.
  Since its establishment, the school has delivered a large number of outstanding talents to the commerce and trade industry in Hangzhou. Among them, there have also emerged national model workers, provincial and municipal outstanding employees, post experts, and a large number of successful business elites.


Advanced school philosophy, excellent teacher structure

  The school inherited the "three preparations" vocational education thoughts of the school manager Mr. Huang Yanpei: "Preparing for the individual to make a living, preparing the society for the individual, preparing for the country and the world to enhance productivity", and establishing the "three services" mission: "serve the national society — to train qualified citizens for the country; serve the enterprise employers — to train outstanding employees for the enterprise; serve the parents of the students — to run a school that the people are satisfied with."
  Based on the development situation of “shopping paradise”, “China's e-commerce capital” and “cross-border e-commerce pilot zone”, the school actively serves the local economic development, adheres to the multi-dimensional cooperative education model, and strives to build a “good faith ring”. "Bullying" is the core moral educational system, implementing the "two-handed, practical-oriented" curriculum reform and innovation activities, focusing on the implementation of professional quality training programs, and striving to create the "Kaiyuan Business Vocational School” brand.
   The school has a reasonable teacher structure and excellent quality. There are 185 full-time teachers, 100% of undergraduate and above, including 88 senior teachers, 92% of professional teachers, and 6 teachers in provincial and municipal disciplines. And 6 people were trained. In recent years, more than 40 teachers have won the "Spring Silkworm Award" in Zhejiang Province, outstanding young teachers in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province's teacher moral models, Zhejiang teacher's ethics advanced individual, Zhejiang outstanding group cadre, Hangzhou top ten teachers, Hangzhou model head teachers, Hangzhou outstanding teachers and other honorary titles.


Professional construction excellence, excellent teaching quality

  The school currently has three campuses. Chang de Campus hosts commodity management and business administration, and Liushuiyuan campus hosts international business and cross-border e-commerce. Shijiaqiao campus hosts e-commerce. The specialty of commodity management is the demonstration profession of Zhejiang Province, and the international business major is the demonstration specialty of Hangzhou and the major of e-commerce is the professional standard of curriculum reform in Zhejiang Province. The school is the first batch of professional training bases for modern service industry in Zhejiang Province.
  The school has excellent teaching facilities and has 84 standard multimedia classrooms. The school has an e-commerce training room, a foreign trade oral training room, an international trade training room, a commodity display room, a cash register training room, and a trade and business etiquette training room. The business professional simulates 39 modern professional training rooms such as sand table, and also has more than 100 off-campus training bases such as Hangzhou Baida Group, Hangzhou Jiebai Group and Zhejiang Yintai Department Store.
  The school adheres to the teaching principles of Huang Yanpei's "hands and brains, hands and omnipotence", "learning to be one, learning to use" and other teaching principles. Teachers and students have won numerous awards in the national provincial and municipal skills competitions.
  Taking the opportunity of the reform of the vocational curriculum of secondary vocational schools in Zhejiang Province, the school actively promotes the new mode of secondary vocational education curriculum based on the type of “public curriculum + core curriculum + teaching project”, and undertakes two professional curriculum reform projects of e-commerce and marketing. The school actively develops school-based textbooks, and currently has 17 school-based textbooks such as “Zhejiang Merchants” and “Business Practice”.
  The school insists on employment and encourages further studies. In recent years, 80% of the students have entered the higher vocational colleges, 20% of the students are employed, and the professional counterparty rate of the employed students is over 98%, which has formed a benign situation of “graduation and achievement of employment”.


Infuse the spirit of Hang Shang

  The school adheres to the educational philosophy of the school manager Huang Yanpei's "development of individuality", adheres to the training policy of "people-oriented, individuality development", draws on the spirit of Hangshang, implements moral education with "integrity and deception" as the core, and highlights professional ethics training. Innovative ways are to educate people.
  Every year, the company organizes “100 teachers to enter the home” home visit activities, visits the high school freshmen one by one, understands the students, pays attention to the students' personality development, and guides the teachers to establish the concept of “inclusive”.
  Promote the improvement of students' comprehensive quality with large-scale activities as a platform to showcase students' spiritual outlook. Organize and carry out large-scale activities such as “Trade Festival”, “Skills Festival”, “Sports Culture Festival”, “Employment Fair”, “Population Culture Festival” and “Showing Cool Festival” to show students' skills and strengthen professional thinking. It is also a show of students' self-confidence and healthy and optimistic spirit.
  More than 60 fixed clubs in the school carry out activities throughout the year to enrich students' after-school life. School women's football team, brass band, one drop of water Sunshine Volunteer Association, vocal music club, 187, Internet merchants’ e-commerce entrepreneurial association and other boutique associations not only cultivate students' self-cultivation, but also let students experience the entrepreneurial process and stimulate professional learning enthusiasm. A variety of campus cultural activities guide students to go up and be good.


Open the door and cooperate with the school

   Over the years, the school has always adhered to "school-enterprise cooperation", "group cooperation", "political cooperation", "college cooperation", "Chinese-foreign cooperation", "high-level cooperation", "home-school cooperation", "police-school cooperation" The development path of the "eight in one", open the school gate, cooperate in running schools, cooperate in educating people, and benefit each other.
  The school cooperates with enterprises and has more than 100 off-campus training bases. With the establishment of our school, Hangzhou Kaiyuan Business Vocational Education Group consists of seven enterprises and four vocational schools. In cooperation with the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Trade, the first secondary vocational education business professional steering committee in Hangzhou was established. The school is the governing unit of the Hangzhou Business Federation and the China Business Federation. The school has signed friendly cooperation agreements with schools in Germany, South Korea and other four countries, and Zhejiang Vocational College of Business and Technology, Zhejiang Vocational College of Economics and Trade, Zhejiang Yuying Vocational and Technical College, Hangzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology, and Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College. The colleges and universities jointly organized 3+2 and five-year courses. The school attaches great importance to family education, establishes a parent committee, and employs police officers in the jurisdiction to serve as the vice president of the school legal system to ensure campus safety.
  The school put forward the development path of “one body and two wings” with both academic education and vocational training, and actively participated in the social training work of rural labor force, 4050 personnel and new and old employees of Hangzhou. Four qualified training institutions, including the cashier skill appraisal station, have been established. The number of trainees has been nearly 10,000 in the past three years. Participate in social training in an all-round way and truly serve the society and give back to the society.

  In the course of a hundred years, Hangzhou Kaiyuan Business Vocational School has always adhered to the idea of “study for the people and for the country to cultivate talents”. Glory past turned over and continued to open up. Standing at a new starting point, we are now aiming for the common goal to create a national first-class business and vocational secondary school.



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